The partnership

Leading logistics developer, Roxhill Developments Ltd, and major port operator, Forth Ports LTD have formed a unique partnership to create new bespoke solutions for occupiers within this established multi-modal development.

Roxhill was established in 2010 with a clear vision to provide excellence and a true commitment to delivering on promises. The team includes people with long track records in the development of industrial and logistics property. They have achieved outstanding success, have worked with a range of companies and built up reputations for reliability.

The Port of Tilbury Logo

The Port of Tilbury, London is owned by Forth Ports Limited. Forth Ports provides high levels of handling and logistic-related services to customers who are looking for solutions to move goods cost effectively and efficiently. It operates seven ports - Dundee on the River Tay, Tilbury on the River Thames and five ports on the Firth of Forth.

Tilbury is London's major port and serves a significant proportion of the South East market in distribution of goods.